Updated: Dec 9, 2019

A city known to affect each sense, was beautiful, fun and delicious!

After an incredibly long trip to get to our destination, this was the view from the beautiful balcony of the hotel bar. Of course the bar was closed at 3am when we arrived, a couple of us still enjoy the beautiful view. We stayed near China Town at the Prime Hotel, an unassuming comfy, friendly location. The staff from the beginning worked to accommodate and check us in quick and we were off to bed for a couple of hours!

“A city known to affect each sense, was beautiful, fun and delicious!"

Our time in Bangkok was quick, a day at the beginning and and day at the end but we packed a punch with our activities. Arriving to our hotel around 3AM didn't give us tons of time to sleep and in fact several of us didn't, but we grabbed a shower enjoyed an AMAZING breakfast buffet and headed out for our tours.

We had two brave souls who decided to do a 9 hour bike tour and that 9 hour bike thing scared most of us, however we learned it was not actually 9 hours on a bike, but the pictures they took were amazing and what an experience. They enjoyed their tour by bike, train and long-tail boat tour but they really had great opportunity to see some incredible culture that you just don't see from a car.

Thomas and David on their bike tour | photo credit David Mortensen

While these guys were on their bike tour the rest of us had a city tour experience, which included visits to beautiful temples, a long-tail boat tour, a little shopping, a visit to the flower market and a fun lunch.

Hand painted in one of the Temples

The beautiful flower market was a quick walk through with so many amazing views. Definitely a must see and next time, I'll spend a bit more time here.

After our tour, we headed back to our hotel, to get ready for dinner. Several of us enjoyed a bit of time on the balcony bar with a glass of wine or two while getting to know David's friend Rob, who relocated Thailand a few years ago after falling in love with Thailand. We enjoyed some stories and advice from him and then headed down to the street for a tuk tuk ride to the street market Khao San Road for dinner! This place was full of people, music, food vendors and the cuisine was anything and everything!


TUK TUK Ride and they go fast!

Khaosan Road - Your guess is as good as mine, but 50 baht is $1.50 | photo credit David Mortensen

photo credit | David Mortensen | Tommasina Mamola | Thomas Hoey

After 20 plus hours of travel, an incredible day exploring, it was time for this gal to hit the hay! We had an early flight to our next destination. The beautiful island of Koh Samui.


Koh Samui

Koh Sok National Park



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