COWABUNGA!!! Hawaii Travel Guide

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

I received notification the other day that round trip tickets from LAX to Hawaii were on sale for under $300! WOW. Fantastic deal right??

Hawaii isn't a destination I have visited, however it is on my bucket list for sure! When I plan trips Google is my best friend and I have a couple go to places that I dig in for advice.

Here is my down and dirty step by step when I plan a trip:

1) Book the flight - First and foremost because when they say prices change, they definitely do! I wrote a little about how I dig for deals here so if you have a minute check it out and please share with me any secrets you have to booking!

2) Airbnb is my BFF! I love the amenities of my own space. I love having a kitchen so I can make a quick breakfast in the morning or end my night with a glass of wine. I like the space. I tend to stay in a hotel if it is for one night, but anymore and you will find in a private stay! I prefer Airbnb vs. some of the other third party companies like VRBO for a couple reasons. I love their corporate culture! It makes for happy nice employees, which in turn brings me to the second reason...their customer service! Exceptional! One other little interesting note: Staying at an Airbnb saved business travelers $110 on average per night (Rocketrip)

3) With this particular destination, I would likely rent a car! FREEDOM! Book early and check back often - these prices change as well. I often book on Expedia (again its a customer service preference - again exceptional), it is normally free to reserve and their cancellation policy is generally liberal. When I see the price go down, I book a new reservation and cancel the other! I am a deal searcher!

4) I love the Experience part of Airbnb for ideas, however I have never booked one. For some reason it feels a tad more expensive than my "go to" which is Viator.

5) Finally, start digging, researching and reading! I like to find blogs that share a variety of options for trips. I want to read real experiences and so it is important to me to know that whoever is sharing really experienced. Adored By Alex recently shared a great Hawaii Travel Guide that really stuck with me primarily for the great restaurant recommendations and the variety of things to do that she shares with us. She also shares fun advice and ideas on packing! Packing and unpacking to be honest is the worst part of any trip for me, however I love the ease of her advice. It is super practical! Check a couple of the articles here and here.

**photo credit Adored By Alex


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