Does Ireland's Beauty Ever End?

photo credit: Tod Emig
Cliffs Of Moher photo credit: Tod Emig

After my first, and not my last visit to Ireland, the answer is no! The beauty never stops.

Down every street and around every corner whether it is the architecture or Ireland's natural beauty it never ends. Every new town we pulled into, although often looked similar to the last little town we left, always demanded at least one of us to voice how 'cute' it was and trust me it was.

photo credit Tod Emig

Every tiny road that should have had us shaking in our boots, offered distractions of trees reaching over and across us, hugging each other to form cozy tunnels and often along the roads thick bushes with burst of wild flowers protecting us on each side. As I watched our google maps, it was often clear that just through the trees, bushes and flowers protecting us, was some sort of body of water and after my 10 days in Ireland, I imagine the water was straight down, so thank you mother nature for these beautiful distractions from whatever was hiding behind.

Although this is a walking trail, we did have country roads like this we drove on. Unfortunately we didn't grab a picture but it's definitely etched in our minds

I think when most people think of Ireland, we think green, and there is definitely green, however Ireland is a rainbow of colors everywhere. Doors, buildings, flowers, sheep and actual rainbows! The colors come together in the most beautiful experiences.

Colors of Ireland | photo credit David Mortensen & Tod Emig

At the end of the trip, I think we each saw beauty in different things and different beauties in the same things. It was quite the experience.


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