FAQ - Umm...Did you say Jerusalem?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I have received many questions and had some fun conversations the last week or so regarding Adventures 2000 and upcoming trips! So I wanted to provide a little FAQ for you all!

Q: We are former members and are interested in the Ireland Trip. Do we have to be current members?

Nope! Almost a year ago, I migrated Adventures 2000 to a nonmember-based club, with a focus on travel and converted to a travel agency. After traveling myself with the club a couple times, I absolutely fell in love with traveling and don’t we all dream of doing what we love to do? I think I finally found what I want to do when I grow up and the best thing is I get to make new friends, travel with old friends and travel with family!

Q: We have a few friends we want to bring with us, is that ok?

ABSOLUTELY! The more the merrier! And make sure to ask about a referral credit.

Q: Does it matter if we are single or married?

The only thing that matters on these trips is that you are ready for an adventure…Oh and it is a bonus if you are nice! hahah

Q: We do not live in Arizona; can we still join a trip?

Yes, Yes, Yes! We have 4 people coming from South Dakota for our Ireland Trip coming up. We often leave from Phoenix or LAX mostly together, so we arrive at the same time. However, if you are coming from a different direction, don’t worry one bit, we will help with transfers from the airport. If the trip includes airfare, let’s talk we will work it out for you!

Q: I love to travel, but my wife is so nervous to travel. I think a group like this would help ease her nervousness, what are some things I can tell her?

It never fails, the dang news latches onto the negative and makes it a little intimidating to travel sometimes (i.e Dominican Republic). Especially if it is a first big trip for you! The information is endless whether it is reviews, things to do, transportation, where to stay, packing suggestions, vaccines and the lists go on. I work really hard to research all of this. I love being collaborative with the travelers, so the trips really are fulfilling for everyone. I have brand new travelers and seasoned travelers on every trip so if it is your first big trip, to me there is comfort in knowing this. And my other suggestion to him, tell her you won a trip for two and you guys can’t pass it up. hahah – just kidding! If there is some nervousness, let’s talk and let’s try to figure it out together.

Q: My wife, if I can get her to travel, really wants a trip to Jerusalem, would you consider putting together a group trip?

Wow! Jerusalem has never been on my bucket list, but after a quick down and dirty search, my interest is piqued! But really, the general answer is I want to hear where you want to go! The Bali trip coming up came from a suggestion from a traveler while on our Thailand trip last year. Recently I was hired by a company to plan a company incentive cruise and as it turns out we have about 60 people going, I recently had a group of girlfriends ask me to plan a private trip for them to Austin and be the liaison on the trip so they could enjoy. A couple asked me to put an itinerary together for them for a European trip and the most recent trip I have posted to Panama just came from hearing the great song from Van Halen - just kidding. Whether it is a group trip I plan for Adventures 2000, a private trip planning or just a general conversation I am interested in visiting with you!

As I continue to grow this business, I learn what I can do, what I want to do and what isn’t a good fit for me. I think that is what I am loving about travel – it does those same things for me. I am constantly learning and growing from this adventure and excited for you to join me!

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