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I wanted to share some articles that I have run across that seem a bit relevant to me!

Science Says – Traveling Makes You Much Happier Than Any Other Material Wealth

It's all about experience and connections! And both of these we have the pleasure to indulge in when we travel! For me, meeting people and experiencing their culture have become the things I look forward to when I travel. For others traveling, seeing the castle or walking through the museum are the happy triggers and even others, it is just about getting away and I have to admit, I enjoy that as well. Whatever it is, experience is key! Check out the article here!

How to stay healthy on a plane as coronavirus, flu, colds raise travel concerns

So whether we are dealing with a new virus, these tips are just good practice! Wash your hands, carry hand sanitizer, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and keep your air vents above you in the planes on and pointed away from you! This article was an easy read and great info! Check out the full article here!

Giving Children Vacations Instead of Toys Can Lead to Advanced Brain Development, Experts Suggest

Man oh man! Why didn't I see this article when my kids were kids and I was taking stock out in Toys R Us! I think I always thought of travel as so expensive but it really just doesn't' have to be. Aside from the brain development, how fantastic to experience these amazing places with your kids! Check out more here!


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