Life Experiences and Creating Memories Are Key To Our Happiness

Bali became a target of interest for me during our trip to Thailand last year. One of our travelers suggested that as a place on her bucket list so as soon as we arrived home I started researching and planning.

Eventually I was marketing this trip and received a message from Julie who learned of the trip through Facebook and I have to tell you I became a huge fan of hers. Bali was on her list of places to go and she didn’t dip her toes in a trip with people she didn’t know, she jumped, both feet. We became Facebook friends and over the last 9 months I feel like I know her already and we haven’t even met! She is married with a teenage daughter, however she is doing this trip solo but what I have seen through the eyes of Facebook is an adoring husband to Julie as they hit every awesome concert that comes to town and proud parents to their high school swimmer while cheering her on at each meet!

After this get to know you interview I did with Julie, I think we might be spirit sisters in the way we think and handle things and I am so excited to get to know her in Bali!

Q: So we haven’t actually met in person, but boy I feel like I already know you! Facebook is such a crazy thing sometimes. For those of us who don’t know you, tell us a little about yourself? Where do you live, what do you do and a little about that doting husband and swimmer daughter of yours?

A: Good evening, Candice! First of all, I am so excited coming to Bali and experiencing the culture and people.

I live in Mesa near the Gateway Airport and have been here in Arizona for 20 years now. I am originally from Omaha, Nebraska and moved here without knowing one person. It was definitely a leap of faith for me and life has treated me quite well thus far. I run a CyberSecurity program for a bank here in the valley. I am highly driven so I am never content and strive to do better!

I have been happily married for 14 years and have a beautiful 14-year-old daughter, Skylar. She has made me such a better person and the reason why I do what I do. She is a competitive swimmer and is such a smart girl. She wants to go into Aerospace Engineer and Computer Science.

Q: Since we have become Facebook buddies, I am loving all these trips you are going in! You are clearly a family of travelers! I know the list is long, but do you mind sharing the three most impactful or memorable trips you have been on and why were they so special?

A: We have traveled as a family in the past four years. We have been to some amazing places. One thing that we enjoyed was riding elephants in Thailand thru the jungle and feeding and bathing them. The elephants were so gentle and kind. The people in Phuket were so inviting and the food was amazing. We went to Normandy last year to visit Omaha Beach, toured the German bunkers and the American cemetery. It has such an impact in our lives since both of my grandfathers were there. It put life into perspective and how lucky we are for our freedom. My daughter was studying WWII when we went so it was like a live lesson.

Q: Where does your love of travel come from? Was there ever a trigger for you that made you fall in love with travel?

A: Traveling is very important to me and the world is such a big place. It all started by watching The Amazing Race and we are inspired by what the world has to offer. We also had done health scares so instead of material things, we invest in the world of travel. Life experiences and creating memories are key to our happiness.

Life experiences and creating memories are key to our happiness.

Q: One of the hot topics for trips is where are we going to eat, so in honor of one of my favorite traveler’s Anthony Bourdain, can you share with us the strangest food or the most unique meal you have enjoyed (or not enjoyed – haha)?

A: I have Celiac so I am very careful in what I eat so I do not try much new things that are bizarre. It hasn’t impacted my travel much and I come prepared.

Q: Describe the most perfect getaway to us? A place you have never been? A place you would go back to? Beach, jungle, adventure, history, cruise? What is the perfect getaway to you?

A: My perfect place is a beach. I want to go to the Maldives and have an over water bungalow and just watch the fish. One day I want to scuba dive once I overcome my fear of water.

Keep watching for this upcoming trip to Maldives in 2021

Q: Our motto is “We haven’t been everywhere, but we are on our way…”aside from Bali in June what other trips are in your future?

A: Dublin, Montreal, Spain and Morocco are in our near future trips. We have a white board in our house with the next few years listed with places to go!

Q: Traveling can be tricky and the more we do it the better we get right? Can you share three travel tips whether it is with packing, saving money, transportation, planning or anything else that helps you with these great getaways?

A: Taking several copies of my passport, register with each US Embassy, taking dryer sheets in my luggage to keep clothes fresh, are just a few things that I do. I also do extensive research where I go to see how they dress, what their customs are.

Q: The news can do quite a number on us and you recently went to the Dominican Republic. They were raked over the coals with news of the poisoning last year. How do you overcome any bad press or fears from some of these types of scenarios?

A: I don’t let the media play a part in my travel plans. There are three sides to every story and not all facts are mentioned. If I lived in fear, I don’t think I would leave my house. My family lives in fear and don’t leave a 5 mile radius of their house.

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