My Tricks for Booking Flights

As I continue my travel I continue to pick up little tricks that I like to use so I wanted to share. Of course I think anyone who does a lot of travel picks up tricks and I always love to hear about them!

Airline prices change every day, throughout the day so I try to have a price I am comfortable with in mind and when I see that price I snag the ticket. I learned my lesson hard one time and it cost me $1000 because I thought I would wait one more day! That is now my big fat reminder to myself after I purchase a ticket and see it $50 cheaper a month later.

A couple tools I use that I wanted to share with you all:


This is an app that I live by! It is a great tool to give you an idea if current ticket prices are a good deal or if you should wait. You can set up notifications so it lets you know price changes.

Google Flights

I love how easy this is to search. Check it out, but keep in mind similar to Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak and others, it doesn’t search all airlines like Allegiant or Southwest (there are others, but these are two I regularly fly so I always check them out)


I love Expedia for a couple reasons and they may be the same as others like Orbitz or Travelocity, however I am just simply comfortable with the site. Second, their customer service is to die for! This is where I often book, however when I think I know what I want, after my other research, I always pop on the actual airline site for a quick look to make sure it is the best deal and there aren’t other options. Airlines do not release all their flights to these companies so I just like a quick peek if there is a different time I like better.

And the last little trick for me goes back to the old adage “Time is money”, however I might look at it a bit different. I fly out of Phoenix often and what I have found is flying one airline to LAX and then hoping on my real flight to wherever I am going may add 3-4 hours in my day but I have saved $300-$500 doing this. It is the weirdest thing but I don’t make $100/hour so saving $100/hour is well worth it and I never mind getting to know airports a bit better. Just remember if you play this hand, you will have to go out to get your luggage (if you checked it) and come back through security.

Enjoy flying the friendly skies!


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