No Politics Here!

Except when it comes to mandatory vacation days! I'm voting for the guy or gal that makes vacation days mandatory here in the good ol' USA!

This graphic really is meant to be a fun'ish conversation piece over coffee or wine, not meant to be dissected or argued. There are many formulas not shared here, but if you are interested check out a bit more info here.

I sort of imagined a conversation like this (likely over wine since I don't drink coffee)!

Me: OMGOSH! I want to move to Greece! They get 20 mandatory days of paid vacation a year.

You: Greece, I'm packing and heading to the UK for the 28 days off!

Me: I'm not greedy.

You: I am! I have 5 trips planned next year!

....and then we keep drinking our wine and planning our escape and I am secretly jealous over your upcoming passport stamps! Cheers!


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