Only 162 Days To Go

With 203 days down and only 162 days to go in this crazy year, I don’t know about you but I am so ready to get out of town (I plan to swim out of here if I have to next year)! A year that has had us on an emotional roller coaster I am optimistic about next year. Of course I have a day here and there when I feel like this is never going to end, but for my mental health I have to be looking toward a future that includes travel.

A couple of days ago I received a message from one of our travelers heading to Bali with us in February, “Hi Candice! So as you can imagine my friends and I have cabin fever. And now there are three of them who are interested in going to Bali. All would be single room supplements. Is it still an option to add more folks?” followed up by “We are so intent I’m putting out positive vibes to let us travel next year.” If this didn’t put a pep in my step, I don’t know what would ~ well a vaccine would haha. But a GIANT thank you to the messenger on this one. It was perfect timing!

So the last 7 months I have been planning and finalizing 2020 trips, canceling 2020 trips (which turns out to be more time consuming and mentally exhausting than anything I think I have ever done), rescheduling trips, refinishing furniture (my side hustle and first love) and I have also been busy planning 2021 trips.

As I mentioned above we have a Bali trip planned. This was a reschedule from the trip we were to go on this summer. We have rented a beautiful 12-bedroom, 12-bathroom villa for a month and split the trip into 3 options. Option 1 is February 25th – March 6th. We have 13 people signed up. The trip includes an eclectic line up of excursions and adventures but still offers time to lay back and relax. Option 2 is March 6th – March 15th. This is a family friendly trip designed for a parent/s, grandparent/s, etc. to bring their kids and have the support of other adults aka, a glass of wine at the end of the night hahah. Currently we have 5 signed up for this option and the final Option 3 is March 15th – March 24th. We have 6 signed up for this. Check out the full details here.

I just posted a train trip around the Mediterranean starting in Barcelona and ending in Rome. Check out the details here. This isn’t a sleeping on the train trip, just hopping on and off as we make our way through some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Scotland has never been on my bucket list, but when one of our travelers mentioned it was on hers, I had to check it out and it quickly became a place I wanted to visit and we now have a trip planned to visit the Loch Ness Monster in Aug/September, just in time for the Highland Games. Check it out here. And by the way, Bali also came to fruition because of a suggestion from one of our travelers – so I really do want to hear from you and where you want to go.

I sure hope everyone is safe and healthy during this crazy time. And keep putting those positive vibes out there!


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