Switzerland | France | Germany | the Netherlands

When all of these amazing destinations are on your bucket list, Jewels of the Rhine is the answer!


Decisions! Decisions! It seems there are so many beautiful places to visit in the world so when I ran across this river cruise opportunity, it really felt like a perfect fit! Switzerland, France, Germany AND the Netherlands!

Can you imagine hopping off a luxurious ship and onto a bike to enjoy a leisurely ride along Europe's longest river, otherwise know as the Rhine River? Or visiting the Black Forest Village and learn about the famous Black Forest Cuckoo clocks, visit the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, which was part of the Prussian defense against the French in the 19th century and later used as a headquarters for the American military during WWII, optional wine tastings, and guided hikes. The list is long so I won't include it all here, but check out the itinerary here!

The awesome thing is we don't have to imagine anymore. We are doing it Oct 1st 2020. So plenty of time to save your vacation time, put your mail on hold, save your pennies, lose those 5 pounds or whatever other 'to do' items you might have before you enjoy this trip of a lifetime.

Everyone enjoys different activities, different cuisines, different company and this really does seem like a great fit.

“...plenty of time to save your vacation time, put your mail on hold, save your pennies, lose those 5 pounds or whatever other 'to do' items you might have before you enjoy this trip of a lifetime"


Here is a down and dirty list of where we will visit:

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Cologne, Germany

  • Koblenz, Germany

  • Mannheim / Heidelberg, Germany

  • Kehl / Strasbourg, France

  • Breisach

  • Basel to Lucerne, Switzerland

  • Optional Excursion: Mt. Pilatus

A couple things I do want to point out are:

  • Airfare is included through November 30th and while supplies last from any major airport in the US. So even if you aren't in Arizona, or you have a friend, family, parent, etc, who wants to join and they love somewhere other than Arizona this works perfect!

  • The price includes port charges, gratuities on the ship, WIFI, bicycles onboard for use on shore, regional wine, beer and soft drinks and several offshore tours

  • Airport transfers on the tour dates are included when airfare is provided through this package.

  • Two night hotel stay in Lucerne with a couple of guided city tours and hikes.

  • Prices are based on double occupancy, meaning you will have a roommate of the same sex. If you sign up with a friend or partner contact me for additional details.

  • We have 10 cabins reserved.

  • Although this is booked as a group trip, remember you are not required to be attached at the hip. Enjoy, explore at your leisure. The advantage of going with a group is having friends to enjoy, having a roommate, because let's be honest, booking a cabin without a roommate is a bit expensive, so hopefully the group opportunity makes this amazing trip an option for many of you. Choose the onboard and off shore activities that you want to choose!

  • Deposit is non-refundable (unless you purchase the trip protection - contact me for details), remaining cost of the trip is refundable until June 30th, 2020.

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