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What do these four places have in common? We found them in the beautiful country of Thailand!

View From The Top | photo credit: David Mortenson

When I started planning our group trip to Thailand, I had no idea how much I would fall in love with this country. The people were incredibly nice and helpful from beginning to end and it's an experience I hope to have again. Although I have planned several trips now for Adventures 2000, this was my first official international group trip that I actually joined and I would say, spending 10 days with 17 other people and 25 different personalities, made for sweet memories and lots of fun!

“I honestly believe that no matter what type of vacation you are looking for, you can find it in Thailand"

The only reference I had to Thailand was Hangover 2, and although we didn't run into a drug dealing monkey we met some great people, spent time getting to know each other a bit better, tried a variety of food, played in water, bathed elephants, rode on tuk tuks and the list goes on. I honestly believe that no matter what type of vacation you are looking for, you can find it in Thailand.

We had an eclectic group with a big age range but I think everyone found some connection with each other. Every person had a special reason why the trip was so important to them or obstacles they overcame to come on this trip.

All 18 of us crazy kids!

My sweet friend Michelle brought her nephew Taylor, who might be one of the nicest people we could ever know. Her sister, his mother passed away the year prior, and he was 1 month out from he and his wife having their 3rd child. She gave him the go head and Michelle enjoy that special time with him. Julie, our happy go lucky gal, who is always giggling had always wanted to visited Thailand! She was one of our first to sign up and looked forward to it each year. She almost had to sell her soul for the time off, but nothing was stopping her from this trip. Franco, who kept us to our schedule had also always wanted to visit Thailand and considering this guy travels for his career, it was super fun to have him along!

David, another world traveler rarely passes an opportunity to experience and enjoy life heading to Thailand a few days early and stayed another day, just to make sure he got it all in (especially since a flight there is about 20 plus hours), made us all so anxious to arrive with pictures he took on some of his adventures and Thomas, a staple of Adventures 2000, whose motto is "buy experiences, not things" makes the most of that with every trip he goes on. Suzanne one of our club friends and her friend Mia were ready for a getaway and it was such a pleasure to get to know these two sweet Swedish gals! Howard and Fritz, the twin brothers joined us as well. Howard has been on several trips with the club over the years so becoming quite the expert in travel with Thomas, but this time his brother who is ready to experience and try knew things traveled with us and I believe his first international trip as well. Fritz did not miss an opportunity to try anything and everything, and I think was so excited to get out there, often snuck out on his own to explore (while we were all Zzzzzzzz).

It was Molly's first big trip as well, and like Fritz, wanted to experience it all and not miss anything. In fact one time during our free time, several were heading out to do some beach exploring and several were staying back to have a relaxing pool day. Sweet Molly had such a time deciding but in the end stayed and chilled in the pool! My crazy fun girlfriends Natalie and Sina joined the trip sort of last minute. Nat has been working her butt off on her CPA (Congrats she passed) and Sina just works her butt off at her restaurant. These two gals have been BFFs since high school and have some great stories they shared to keep us laughing the entire trip!

And then we had big Kathy and little Cathy (one taller and one shorter), who have been friends for years. For little Kathy (who had surgery on her knees the prior year) found this to be an amazing reward for all her hard work through physical therapy to be able to walk again and man did she walk and keep up - awesome job Kathy) and big Cathy, who is taller doesn't sit still. She is all about living life and is our resident photographer! Our very last sign up was Martha who had been to Thailand the year prior, but it was a volunteer trip prior, so it was so much fun to hear about her adventures before and be with her to experience new adventures.

And last but not least, my Aunt Judy joined us and it was an absolute incredibly to experience this special time with her. We have never traveled together so it was such an amazing opportunity! By the time the trip was over, I heard many people say they wanted Aunt Judy to be their aunt too

So my point through this long description was to point out, Thailand was amazing for everyone for every reason! The age range was 35 to 70 and it was quite amazing how much each person brought to the group and how well everyone got along!

A visit to Bangkok, Koh Smaui, Khao Sok Bational Park & Krabi made up a fantastic trip

Each location we visited created special unique memories for each of us and I am sure many I didn't even know about! This is a country I will plan a visit to again and I just cannot wait!


Koh Samui

Khao Sok National Park



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