We Are Coming Back!

So what do you do when you go on a trip and don’t get a chance to do everything you want to do? You plan another trip back. So Ireland we are heading back to you.

There were so many things I loved about the visit to Ireland but so many things I feel I missed out on whether it was a timing thing or a weather thing or another thing. I love beaches, boats and pub hopping so in this next round, expect those things! The castles were amazing and that is something that can’t be missed so those will always be included but to make sure we really have time to experience, we are going to stretch the trip, add a vehicle and slow it down a bit plus we are going to include Northern Ireland into the trip this time.

I started planning this last fall when it was still fresh in my mind and just by word of mouth, we already have 8 signed up. Keep in mind the price will change as we get closer so sign up soon.

I do pride myself in being flexible and making sure we work in things our travelers want to do, so if you are going on the trip and you have something you have always wanted to do in Ireland, let me know. I will try to make it happen for you!

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