Where Do I Start

So this year has been crazy for me! I have transitioned this company from a social club to a travel company after falling in love with travel and since I made this decision, I have been to Thailand, Nemo South Dakota (yes I said Nemo, population of around 600 but 700 miles of gorgeous trails), Vancouver BC and Ireland. That is all I have planned for this year, but I will be busy catching up with writing about all my experiences, finishing up the details of next years trips, helping companies and clients plan their trips, laundry (haha), laundry and more laundry and spending some quality time with my kidos and my guy!

As far as transitioning this company, I have decided and am slowly accepting that it is going to be an ongoing process. I bet if I talk to other business owners, they will say their businesses are always evolving as well.

So a quick down and dirty of some things I have been learning along the way:

1) We are not meant to be able to please everyone. We can try but we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. It is a much better approach to accept that and move on.

2) Saying 'NO' is ok and being told 'NO' is ok. I loved this Southwest motto. We were told "NO" by them the night before when we missed the plane, but they quickly told us "YES' to the first plane out the next morning!

3) "Sometimes the business you don't do is the best business you can do" This is something I learned long ago from a previous boss. And lately more than ever, this holds true!

4) Intention. It is a powerful word. The more I can take a deep breath and ask myself "was that person's intention really to upset me or do they lack the communication skills necessary to communicate in a productive reasonable way?" Sigh! And even though this sounds snarky and/or sarcastic, there is a lot of power in being able to ask yourself that question, or a version of it, whether in business, relationships etc.

5) Structure! I hate it but it is necessary. I like to be flexible but at the end of the day, it just doesn't work. I tend to have this crazy idea that everyone thinks the same as me so why would I need guidelines on room assignments? Hahah!

6) STOP over-packing! It's crazy. I packed, hiking shoes for hikes, walking sandals for shopping in the cute stores, cute ankle boots for dinners, rain boots for rain and sketchers just because they have become my favorite comfy shoes! Guess what? I only used my sketchers. And we hiked, shopped, ate dinner, it rained, we walked in water. Do you know how many pounds of shoes I could have left at home? And, without going into the clothes I didn't wear, I easily could have survived with a carry on and saved $120 in baggage fee.

So cheers to learning, evolving and taking risks! All good reasons for a glass of wine!


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