Where In The World Do You Want To Go?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything and if I am being honest I have been at a complete loss as to how to move forward. We have so many trips planned for this year and sometime toward the end of January I started working on an around the world trip for 2021. So as our world flipped upside down the last couple of months, I still fall asleep excited to be planning 2021, but each morning I wake up to a giant slap of our new reality only to have to work my way through each day of the fear of the unknown. Does it feel like Groundhog's Day to anyone else?

Today something felt different to me. I woke up knowing my to do list included working on a quote for an all girls trip in 2021 and helping clients cancel their airline tickets for an upcoming trip scheduled to Vancouver for the Alaskan Cruise. I love planning trips so as excited as I felt to work on the girls trip for my client, it felt like I would be really preoccupied to work on this knowing I had to work on cancellations so I decided to work on the daunting task of cancellations first and it honestly was a refreshing surprise.

Canada closed their ports which meant our upcoming cruise in May was no more. We had around 60 people scheduled for this trip so if you can imagine, it’s been an interesting and busy process. The cruise line has been great, however as much as we feel like we are in uncharted water, the cruise line is as well.

Through the conversations I have had with clients as I work through flight cancellations for the cruise, the range of sentiment of future travel is amazing to me. One person said they will not feel comfortable traveling on a cruise in the next couple of years, another said they’d love to receive a certificate to go on the same cruise in the next year, another doesn’t want to cancel their airfare because they still hope to visit Vancouver in May.

Between talking to these travelers and being hired to plan a girls trip I really am excited for 2021. I loved the message the gal who is spearheading this trip sent to her family and friends “This is a trip for us girls to get away for a few days from our kids, husbands, pets, zoos, etc!” If that message doesn’t motivate me, I am not sure what will – haha. And after hunkering down for a couple months I think a trip sounds just like what the doctor will order for all of us!

One thing that has been really frustrating for me over the last couple of months is the contradictory information but as I continue talking to people who are ready to travel or are planning on staying put for a while I realize there is not a wrong answer, however there is a right one. The right answer is to do whatever is comfortable for each individual, but since I have migrated to the wonderful world of the travel industry, what is most comfortable for me is to keep working toward my goal of planning an around the world trip for 2021.

The tentative plan now is to visit Maldives, Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Morocco, Spain, Scotland, France, Greece, Italy and Denmark. I am probably most excited to visit Tanzania and am working with a local to put together some amazing excursions. I am pretty far down the road on planning Peru as well, which along with Scotland were suggested as destinations from one of our regular travelers because of Machu Picchu and the Highland Games, France was suggested by my daughter and Costa Rica is on the calendar in May for a group that I already have booked for next year. Maldives, Thailand, Morocco, Spain, Greece and Denmark can be changed so if there is a place in the world you want to visit, I’d love to hear from you and try to work it into the plan! I can still make changes so please don't hesitate to send them to me!

Stay safe and get ready to pack your suitcases! #postpone #worldtour #keeptraveling

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